The temperature was 38 degrees celcius at the time this photo was taken.

Amerikai Hetek

[Content note: aeroplanes]

Last week I got on an aeroplane for the first time in about four years to fly to Budapest, in Hungary. Our fellow passengers on the return trip were treated to me and a couple of friends hysterically discussing the finer points of whether or not vampires can get boners in a moderately successful attempt to distract ourselves from the fact that we were in a metal tube with visibly shaking wings that was only staying in the sky by some vague trick of physics. I’m quite scared of flying.

Everything is fine, and I'm not panicking.

Wobbly, yet aerodynamic.

In the morning, before willingly loading ourselves into the un-reassuringly named “air bus” we decided the appropriate way to end a trip that had been full of delicious traditional Hungarian dishes would be a trip to the McDonald’s that someone had considerately built just around the corner from the apartment we were renting. The first point of excitement was that the soda dispenser runs wild and free in the customer area of the restaurant instead of hiding away behind the counter. When you buy a drink, you are handed an empty cup which you fill up yourself. Unsupervised! You could mix two different drinks together and nobody would be able to stop you! The second point of excitement was the “Amerikai Hetek” which I am assuming translates to American Menu. I know, you’re impressed, I was only there for a week and I’m practically fluent in Hungarian already.

The chips are a lie.

The Atlanta Burger

I ordered the Ropogós Atlanta Burger because I wasn’t going to let vegetarianism get in the way of McDonalds selling me a burger that came with fries inside it, but when it arrived I found to my crushing disappointment that the fries which had appeared so plump and appealing in the menu image were, in reality, crunchy shards of potatoey disappointment. Much closer to the American definition of chip than the British one, they were not what I’d had in mind for my burger experience.

Years of vegetarianism means I don’t have much to compare the burger to in terms of McDonald’s other meaty offerings, but I found the beef patty juicy enough and the bacon sufficiently crispy to make up for the starchy lie of the fries.




  1. Frankie · August 2, 2015

    you’re missing the exciting part of the free-range soda dispenser which was that it had ice tea in it! in a maccies! i could’ve had fanta and ice tea mixed together! (i did not)


  2. Josie · August 2, 2015

    The McDonald’s at Asda Hulme has a free-range soda dispenser. Last time I was there I saw someone have half Oasis (which was one of the options, for some reason) and half Sprite. Whatever next!


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