Arizona Nacho Grande Ideas

McDonalds really love that nacho/burger combination. I can’t say I blame them; nachos are everything. It’s just… not always a match-made in heaven. It’s all fun and games until you’ve got a lap full of soggy, soft nachos, after all.

When I opened up my Arizona, I was struck by that red poking out of the side. Passing it off as more Sunblush tomato sauce, I identified prime nacho potential and got stuck in.

And you know what, the nachos were seeping with nacho cheese sauce but they still retained a satisfying crunch! Combined with the crisp lettuce and soft beef patty, it’s an enjoyable meld of textures.

But wait.

There’s something else.

PEPPERONI. The Arizona Nacho Grande has PEPPERONI SLICES in it and I had no idea. Spicy, tangy pepperoni mixing with the peppered cheese and the sauce and the crisps and the beef to make a melt in your mouth sensation. Nothing is out of place here. Everything is in proportion, every bite like a joy explosion.

All this time I had thought you’d only put pepperoni in a burger to make it pizza-y (as McDonalds did last year, and I adored it). But no. It adds so much flavour and mixes so well with the cheese and the meat (I mean, that is why pizza is so good, right?). I don’t want it to ever end, but it has.

Ultimately I have to accept that this promotion is coming to a close. This week’s burger, The New York Classic, is the last and though I cannot wait to get it in my mouth – it’s pretty much got all the makings of the perfect burger – it will be bittersweet. I don’t know what McDonalds will give us next, and it might be the Big Tasty again which I really can do without. Who’s going to give me pepperoni nacho cheese beef burgers now? The future is a scary place.


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