California Melt My Heart

I didn’t enjoy last week’s Great Taste of America, the Dallas BBQ, that much, but at least one person actively hated my review of it, so I guess we’re even. McDonalds never makes me sad for long, though, and this week’s California Melt is everything I have possibly ever wanted in a burger.

I mean, look at it! You can’t see the meat for the cheese! It looks messy, and it is. You can’t pick it up without getting that cheese sauce on your hands and around your mouth. GOOD! The primary reason I go to McDonalds is so that I can leave feeling alarmed at my ability to devour processed food.

It’s got a beef patty, bacon, two slices of peppered cheese, lettuce, onions, and that sauce. That sauce. If I’m being brutally honest, it probably covers up the other flavours more than it should, but the combination of the runny cheesy goodness with the crunchy lettuce and the salty bacon is a taste sensation to behold. If they made this a permanent menu item I would probably cry.

This is definitely the best one so far, but this Wednesday’s Great Taste involves nachos, which is a guaranteed way to get me to eat something, so let’s talk then.


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