Miami Treat

McDonalds are running another set of five theme weeks, Great Tastes of America, which is excellent news for me because it means I get to eat every single one for the sake of this blog (just kidding, I was going to get them all anyway).

First up is the Miami Special, which I didn’t get a picture of because I’m a Bad Blogger. I’ve never been to Miami so I have no idea what the burgers are like there, and as such I’m going to assume they’re just like this. Which is no bad thing. It’s not really a huge leap from any other burger, but it’s big and oval, comes with bacon, two slices of cheese and a Sunblush tomato sauce that is wonderfully tangy – I’ll raise my burger to that. I actually wish they’d run with this instead of the Big Tasty, which I controversially dislike.

Concurrently, they’re running a Hot & Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken burger which is (shock-horror) spicy and very flavoursome, Smoky BBQ McShaker fries which are like salt-and-shake for chips and make them taste like BBQ Pringles, and a Galaxy Cookie Crumble McFlurry that I haven’t had yet but promise I will have by the time the promotion is up. I’m no fool.

Til next week.


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