Lotus Kitchen of Vegetarian Delights

Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen, located in Withington, Manchester, might be my new favourite takeaway. Frequently when ordering takeaway I’m limited to just a few items on the menu, and my vegan friends have even fewer options, if any. At Lotus, every item on the menu is vegetarian with many vegan options, all clearly marked.

I ordered the Salt and Pepper Crispy Veggie King Prawns and the Special Fried Rice for me and my partner to share (which came to slightly over £14) and got about ten enormous fake prawns (or frawns for the portmanteau fans among us) and a very large portion of rice (easily enough for two platefulls).

A very common problem I have with fake sea food is the tough texture which I find very peculiar with something intended to be fishy, but the frawns were very soft. The prawn part of the crispy prawns didn’t have a hugely strong flavour but the crispy batter on the outside was peppery and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed them and only let my partner eat one or two before I finished them off.

The Special Fried Rice was equally wonderful. It had at least three different fake meats in it. Pieces of fake prawn, thin slices of a chewy, tofu based dark meat and strips of what I assume was a gelatin based product similar in texture to mock duck, but with a much more appealing appearance than mock duck generally has. There were also various vegetables mixed in, and the rice itself was perfectly cooked.

Overall, this was one of the tastiest meals I’ve eaten in a while, and I’d recommend this restaurant to vegetarians, vegans and meat eaters alike.


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