Mega Chips

While perusing the delights on offer in the M19 section of Just Eat, one of the people ordering takeaway with us suggested the Don Paulo takeaway, which they described as “real italian food”. Scrolling through the menu it did at first seem to be full of fancy italian food, and much cheaper than Domino’s.

That was when we discovered the “Mega Chip Pizza”, nestled incongruously between the more traditional margarita and funghi pizzas. Although I couldn’t eat it as it wasn’t vegetarian, another member of our group did order it. It turned out to be exactly what we expected: a pizza with a handful of chips sprinkled artfully across the top. When asked to describe the pizza, Frankie, who ordered the pizza, stated “It was both mega, and chips. It did what it said on the tin.” He described the crust as “disappointing” as there was “too much margin on the pizza. The crust to pizza ratio was all off.”

We also ordered pizza chips, which was a portion of chips with tomato and cheese on top, and was delicious by all accounts.

They appeared to be slightly confused by our order of a pizza with no cheese on top, as they did give us that pizza, along with an identical one with the cheese. The extra free pizza seemed to be a replacement for some tiramisu which we ordered but didn’t show up until we called back and asked for it again. The tiramisu did eventually arrive two hours after we originally placed the order, and was a good sized portion.

In general the food was cheap and fairly nice, even if some of the pizza crusts were a bit overdone and the food arrived an hour and a half after we placed the order.

It was a learning experience, and what I learned was that I probably just wanted Domino’s.



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