Thanking the Lucky Star

Having had pizza for dinner on Saturday, a Sunday night Domino’s didn’t seem quite as appealing as it otherwise might, so Frankie and I dove into the delights on offer on Just Eat for residents of the M20 area. We almost ordered from “The Little Chippy”, but for some reason I decided to check the reviews in detail for the first time in my life and despite its 4 star rating seems to occasionally just not bring the food to its customers (Content note for disablist language at the link: Little Chippy reviews).

My second favourite review for the “The Little Chippy” was the person who ordered 3 times and only received food once (marks for persistence there, but I don’t think I’d continue ordering from the same no-show takeaway multiple times in the hope they would one day bring me food).

My favourite was this though (which you should read with the knowledge that they gave 5/6 for both quality and delivery time, and 6/6 for service:

Was a bit cold as delivery man got lost, chips weren’t great, gravy was a bit lumpy. Was starving and paid for it so couldn’t of been that bad. Hopefully better next time

I have so many questions about this review. “Hopefully better next time”? WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO REPEAT THE EXPERIENCE YOU JUST DESCRIBED? Why did you give 5/6 for delivery time when the delivery person got lost? Why are you giving bad chips and lumpy gravy 5/6 for quality? WHY DID YOU GIVE 6/6 FOR SERVICE?

As you may surmise, we did not end up ordering from here and instead ordered from Lucky Star, which is a wonderful takeaway that has all the vegetarian food I could possibly desire. Sweet and Sour mushroom balls! Vegetable steamed dumplings! Mock duck in satay sauce! Egg fried rice!

The mushroom balls were crisp and plentiful (I think you get like 12).

The steamed dumplings were filling and flavorsome (plus you get like 12).

The mock duck was juicy and the satay sauce superb.

There’s not much you can say about egg fried rice, but I eat a lot of rice and that was some good rice.

The Lucky Star is one of the speedier takeaways I’ve ordered from and they’ve yet to get my order wrong. Plus, there’s no part of the experience I’d describe as “not great”, “lumpy” or “cold”.


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