Price Slice of Heaven

Much like my dear partner in fast food critique, I am obsessed with Dominos. In fact, I’m more known for being obsessed with Dominos than I am anything else, except maybe being obsessed with McDonalds, and that’s totally fine by me. After receiving two texts (one from my local branch and one from my partner’s local branch, because I like to cover all bases – bases, get it?) informing me that it is Price Slice Week, in a week where I am in sore need of a pick me up, I knew it was meant to be.

Using the code FEEDME50 (words to strike joy into hearts and spark inspiration in minds everywhere) you can get 50% off all pizzas in a £15+spend, which, given a large pizza is generally around £17.99, a side around £4.99 and dessert starting at £1.99 for doughnuts, isn’t bad (yes, Dominos is obscenely expensive. I still can’t say no.)

In the end, because I was buying with my sister who hankers for a chicken combo, the Winter Warmer promotion ended up being a better deal for us – and what a deal it is. £14.99 for a large pizza, garlic pizza bread, wedges and doughnuts. Add a chicken side and that much Dominos for £20.00 is truly one of life’s wonders. If you can afford to treat yourself in these cold winter months, you’d be missing a trick not to try it out. Now, if only my local branch would up their game with the levels of cheese and sauce on the garlic bread, and the freshness of the soft, sugary doughnuts…


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