Simply Superb

Almost anyone who’s talked to me for more than ten minutes knows how much I love Domino’s. I’ve been known to order Domino’s three days in a row (when I’ve been able to convince people to pay for me) and I’m as enthusiastic about the third day as I am about the first. While waiting for our pizza to arrive this evening I was running around the living room like a hyperactive toddler, chanting “Domino’s” to myself in a marginally more tuneful manner than the average football crowd chants the name of their favourite player, pausing only to run through to the kitchen to peer out the window and see if it had arrived yet. When the delivery driver pulled up outside I’d already spotted them from halfway down the road and I was standing with the front door open before they’d even stepped out of their car. I was singing that one song from Mulan to my housemate as we walked home, only I made it about pizza. (Let’s get down to business / to defeat / the hun (ger) / did they send me pizza / when I orrrrr / deeered iiiiit ).

I am one of those people who has opinions on different branches of Domino’s. I can tell you that the one in Royston generally doesn’t put enough filling in their Double Decadence base, and whichever one it is that delivers near Plaistow is sometimes stingy with the cheese. I’ve always liked the Aberystwyth branch because I’ve always found them to be generous with the cheese on top and with whatever cheesy monstrosity it is that goes into the center of a Double Decadence pizza, and that held true this evening… when it eventually arrived.

I have a very specific pizza that I always order, because I am incredibly picky and I know I like it. It’s a large pizza with a Double Decadence base and sweetcorn, mushroom and sweet roquito chili peppers on top. This evening we were going for the 50% off when you spend £50 deal so I ordered my usual pizza (with Jalapeños instead of chili’s as the latter isn’t available in Aber)  my housemate ordered some other (inferior) pizza and we got nachos (instead of the mac n cheese balls, also not available in Aber) (seriously what the fuck is up with the menu in Aber?), garlic pizza bread, cookies, and of course extra garlic and herb dip (49p each or double up for 98p, an impressive saving of… 0p). After about 20 minutes of intense staring at the pizza tracker, with our pizzas apparently in quality control, my housemate got a phonecall to say they don’t actually do large pizzas with the Double Decadence base. The pizza gods were against us, but we persevered. The person on the phone offered us three medium pizzas instead of our two large pizzas, so we selected the toppings for the three pizzas and I continued my irritating prancing around the living room.

The pizza itself was, of course, delicious. I love the two thin and crispy bases with garlic-y herb-y cheese between them topped by juicy sweetcorn and tangy peppers. Dipping the crusts in the garlic and herb sauce is a special pleasure and even with my medium pizza I got through two pots of the dip. There was, of course, far too much food for two people, which is how I like all my meals to be. Domino’s is expensive but with a 50% off voucher it’s totally worth it to be able to stuff your face with mounds of glorious garlic and cheese smothered pizza. Plus, there’s always some leftovers for breakfast.


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